Candles & Beeswax

Made from 100% pure beeswax, our candles contain no added colours or scents. Ideal for people with scent allergies, these candles can be used by everyone as natural air purifiers. While tapers and tealights are usually available year-round, the largest variety of candles can be found in the fall months and at the Christmas sales.

Beeswax Blocks – Approximately 1 oz each – just the right size for when you need just a little bit of beeswax.

Some of the many uses for Beeswax are:

  • Use as a wax to lubricate wooden sashes
  • Coat the hemp used on bagpipe joints and turning slides
  • Use to flux molten lead when casting bullets
  • Used by bow hunters as archery wax
  • As a coating for sewing threads (strengthens and prevents catches or snags)
  • Melt in a tart burner to enjoy the wonderful aroma!
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