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Propolis Salve

My regimen is not much of a regimen anymore, it’s more of a simple routine, but it’s one that I embrace! I wash my face with clear water before bed and then generously smooth on Margret’s Propolis Salve. … when I wake up and it’s all been absorbed I feel like I’ve done something really good for myself! I’ve been using this salve for two months. I cannot begin to tell you how much I love it. My skin has never been softer and more hydrated, unbelievably hydrated. And I love knowing that what I’m putting on my face comes from nature and not from a factory. The fact that companies have the audacity to call their chemical laden products skin care is an insult. What I’m doing now is really caring for my skin and that’s priceless.


Crystallized Honey

Your crystallized honey is just amazing!!


Honey Butter Spreads

She let me sample your lemon honey spread – her favorite…well, one taste was all it took and I have been eating it ever since. Every chance I get. Love it.


Liquid Honey

My husband said of all the honey he has ever had …Yours is absolutely the best!!!


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